Wednesday, 11 April 2012



flex Focus System








Picture Perfect Gynecology Imaging

Picture Perfect from All Angles

  • Large image on 19" portrait screen.
  • Moves easily and fits comfortably into small places.
  • Customized controls so you can keep your focus on your patient.
  • Sealed keyboard for thorough disinfection.

See the Details

  • New IQPAC™ technology gives you amazingly clear images of the uterus, ovaries, follicles, endometrium and early pregnancy scanning.
  • Good penetration and clear details at all depths.
  • Intervention - You're in Charge

    • Simple and convenient needle guide for easy access to e.g. tumors, cysts and abcesses.
    • Follow the needle easily on the ultra clear image.

    Pro Focus UltraView 800

    Images that Make a Diagnostic Difference

    • High resolution imaging for your clinical needs
    • Advanced imaging technologies
    • Easy to use and efficient with three transducr connectors
    • Unique HistoScanning capabilities
    • Superb Contrast Imaging
    • Comprehensive portfolio of specialized transducers 
    Pro Focus UltraView 800 Specifications
    Imaging Modes
    B, M, Color Doppler, Power Doppler, Pulsed Wave Doppler, Tissue Harmonic, Contrast Imaging*
    Features and Options
    AMA, MACI, Vector Flow Imaging (VFI)**, 3D Professional, 360ยบ Transducer Support, DICOM, HistoScanning***, Remote Control, 3 Array Connectors
    19” LCD flat monitor
    Dimensions (approx)
    System height:
    1475-1565 mm / 58-62 in
    Width: 525 mm / 21 in
    Depth: 765 mm / 30 in
    70 kg / 154 lb